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    NPrinting:  Access violation at address 01B51CBC

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Everyone,


      So for a while, my NPrinting stack was working just fine. Then something happened to the QVServer over the weekend and NPrinting refuses to act right.  I noticed that in my log report that gets sent out, I had these kinds of errors.


      Job: Exec Report Job
      Task: Exec Report - All
      Message: Error: QlikView NPrinting PDF Printer timeout:
      a print job for E:\04.NPrinting\Temp\NPrinting_Temporary_094622DBB39E43F496D73D63A0A65634\O00001-F00001.pdf
      started but never ended


      I attributed that to the QVServer acting up.  But after the server restart this morning,I encountered more errors when attempting to run the jobs manually.


      The first problem I encountered is that the NPrinting process gets queasy about connecting to the server.  Below is a screenshot of the image.




      Choosing any of the options (NT Identity, Anonymous, Alternate Identity) all fail.


      When this window is closed, I am then greeted by this warm and cozy error message.




      Not sure what this means, as the server is up and running along with it's Access Point.


      At the end of my NPrinting designer run, it tells me that an Access Violation has occurred of some sort.  I've attached the log file to this post.



      Any help on this is GREATLY appreciated.