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    "Count" doesn't update its own fields' filtering

    Samuel Lin

      Ok, the subject of this discussion is confusing to myself even...


      I am trying to do a count of how many students are in the FTMBA (Fulltime MBA Program) and their class years such as:


      Count(distinct{<[Please specify which MBA program you are in] = {'FTMBA'}, [When is your expected graduation date?] = {2016, 2017}>} ResponseID)


      and count the number of responseID.


      When other fields (other than MBA program and graduate date) are being updated, the number on this count does change. However, when I choose something else from the selection box such as EMBA, the number stays the same..., also happens to when I select a year that's not within the [2016, 2017], why does count becomes static when it comes to its own fields' filtering?


      Thank you smart friends out there...!!!