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    Extension - SelectTextsInColumn

    Patric Amatulli

      Hi guys,


      please I need your help regarding Qlikview Extension.

      I created an extension and i have a html table with a hidden field, which is reflecting my key fields, structured like that:

      Dim1:a,b;Dim2: x,y,z;Dim3:d,e,f;


      In my html table i have a button which is responsible for applyiing the selection in qlikview, when i hit the button the following code snippet is executed (pseudocode):


      For each KeyDim in KeyField:
           this.Data.SelectTextsInColumn(KeyDim, false, Keydim.Values);    

      End of loop.


      This is working fine when i have 1 or 2 Dimension in my Keyfield but when i have more than 2 Dimension in my keyfield and i run the loop with the selection code I get the following message:



      Please can somebody help me? Is there a way to handle it?