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      In my dashboard i have three field in drill down Date, hour, minute,. When i have only one date available,in x axis date level wont display it directly goes to hour level. any solution for this?

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          Sergey Pokasov



          You can change drill down group on cyclic group.

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            Aaron Morgan

            That's the default behaviour of a drill down group. Pretty simple solution - don't use a drill down group! You can use a cyclic group if you'd prefer to switch yourself, or you can use a calculated dimension and control when you want the date to switch - this could be done using variables to allow the user to choose or you can code your own logic.

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              neetha P

              Hi Nilanjan,


              Its as per design,default behavior of drill down group.

              you can control date field, if only one value is present, by adding value or calculated dimension

              as Aaron said.




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                sujeet Singh

                Change the group to cyclic one and adjust the field order and sortings.

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                  santhosh n



                  add following expresion in the drill down group,






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                    jagan mohan rao appala



                    That is the default behaviour of Drilldown groups, in case if you want to override that try like below



                    Date  , Enable Conditional : =GetSelectedCount(Hour) = 0  AND GetSelectedCount(Minute) = 0

                    Hour, Enable Conditional : =GetSelectedCount(Date) > 0  AND GetSelectedCount(Minute) = 0  AND GetSelectedCount(Hour) = 0


                    Minute, Enable Conditional : =GetSelectedCount(Date) > 0  AND GetSelectedCount(Hour) > 0

                    Hope this helps you.