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    Can't Uninstall Qlik.Next v and Can't Install Qlik Sense Desktop

      Not 100% sure if this is the correct place to post this...


      Recently tried to install the Qlik Sense Desktop free version, upon rebooting I received an error that "Qlik Sense Desktop has been detected. Upgrades are only supported from version . Please uninstall and try again."   Figured this was because I had the beta version of Qlik.Next installed on my machine.  So I went to control panel and I tried to uninstall Qlik.Next but when I attempt the uninstall I receive the following error message...Qlik.NextError.JPG

      Not really sure how I can install Qlik Sense Desktop without being able to uninstall Qlik.Next v  I found a thread on the community that seemed similar to the issue I am having (Qlik Sense Desktop Setup - Environment Error)   and tried using the utility they mentioned but still no luck.  Has anyone had this issue before?  Is there a registry file that I need to delete?  Can't seem to find any other threads related to my problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.