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    EDX Command Line Fails but QMC Task Continues to Run When Multiple Docs Are Reloading in Parallel

    Robert Silcock



      For the last 2-3 years my project has been using the EDX command line to trigger document reloads configured in our QMC.  We use an external scheduler (Control-M) to trigger batch files on our QlikView servers and these bacth files in-turn trigger the EDX component and pass to it the task name of the document that we want to reload. (Nothing complicated, quite simple really.)


      The EDX executable and associated config file are saved in a central location.  Every batch file that is triggered uses this single central instance of the EDX component.


      Up until recently our batch has had a serial structure where one document reload follows on after the successful completion of another.


      We have recently introduced a new branch to the batch that reloads a document in parallel to the existing document reloads.


      We are now seeing regular batch failures on an almost daily basis where EDX fails but the documents reloading in the QMC run through to a successful completion.


      The error details passed back to Control-M seem to suggest that EDX is losing its thread with the active task when it polls the QMC to check the task's status.


      Does anyone on the community have experience of this issue?


      Can anyone recommend any best practise regarding EDX command line?  For example, is it ok to have multiple documents running in parallel that were trigged from a single central instance of the EDX component?