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    my Sql Database issue

    Siva Prakash Thummalapenta

      Hi guys ,

      How to load All tables in mysql database  and convert into Qvds..i'm searched in forum Load all tables in database dynamically

      based on this i'm generated a script but im getting error....


      this is my table in the database:

      SQL SELECT *

      FROM `sbi_apg_db`.`Availability;


      This is my script:


      LOAD "TABLE_NAME" as  TableNames;


      FROM "sbi_apg_db".COLUMNS;


      Let vTableCount = NoOfRows('SQLTableList');

      Let vTableCountQVD = 'dbo.[' & NoOfRows('SQLTableList') & ']';


      For i = 0 To $(vTableCount) -1

      LET vMyTableName = 'dbo.[' & Peek('TableNames', $(i), 'SQLTableList') & ']';

      LET vMyTableNameQVD = Replace(Peek('TableNames', $(i), 'SQLTableList'), ' ', '');



      SQL SELECT *FROM $(vMyTableName);

      STORE $(vMyTableNameQVD) INTO $(ExtractQVD)$(vMyTableNameQVD).QVD;

      DROP Table $(vMyTableNameQVD);

      Next i



      this is my error:

      see the attachment


      Please anyone give syntax..for this script