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    Snapshots in APIs

    Andrea Monico



      I am relatively new to Qlik Sense development and was wondering whether it is possible to access/get a reference to an app' snapshot. The idea would be to create a mashup that uses snapshots from stories from different apps.

      Unless I have overlooked something, based on what I see in the dev-hub and the API reference, it doesn't seem to be possible.


      If that is the case, any suggestion or alternative idea would be greatly appreciated.


      For example - and please correct me if I am wrong - a snapshot (a point-in-time status of an object) could be replicated by applying a given set of selections, or a bookmark, to a sheet object. An extension could probably save the current selection and the object of interest and the mashup code could then apply the selections to the specific object and then render the object...


      Thank you