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    HtmlHead.inc as App property

    Fred Schonenberg

      Hi ladies and gentlemen,


      Asking Qlik to consider the following for a future Qlik Sense release:


      I would like to have the option to define an HtmlHead include, as app property.

      This gives the opportunity to add css- or js files (or even Google fonts) to all pages in the app.

      Maybe a reason to reconsider this is adding JS files (security), but it's a users choice to use this property.


      * * *


      What I did as test / example:


      - Installed the Simple KPI extension by Alex Nerush

      - Installed the HTMLBox extension by @seebach


      On my worksheet I've added an empty 'KPI simple' object (grid pos 1.1), which gives me the opportunity to present Coloured and ResultSet dependent Glyphs from KPI Simple in Seebachs HTMLBox extension.


      Unfortunately I have to load KPI Simple as an object on every page or accept the fact that I have to visit the page with KPI Simple in order to see results on the page without KPI Simple.


      Attached my example QVF, test data and KPI Simple extracted Icon Classes.