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    add cooments to load tasks

    Alec Harf

      hi all,


      I have about 300 load tasks and I need to add a comment to each task. wondering if there is an easy way to do rather than going in each one, edit it and add comment..


      wondering if i can read the tasks from the xml files and somehow add the comments...


      let me know if you have any ideas..




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          jagan mohan rao appala

          Hi Alec,


          I think there is no such option, you have to manually add the Trace commands in individual Qlikview files.




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            Avinash R

            Hi Alec,


            As Jagan mentioned we don't have any ways to achieve this , we need to do it manually

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              Peter Cammaert

              The others already confirmed that there are no tools in QMC (or otherwise) to do this. But since you asked for ideas, I thought the following might be helpful.


              In the Publisher Database (QVPR) folder, open a file called DocumentTask.xml. It contains all Task definitions. Scroll down until you reach the end of the schema. Next there should be some 300 lines of single-line <DocumentTask ... /> definitions. Each line has a Description="..." attribute. Some may be filled if you tried to enter task descriptions through the QMC. Others will be empty.


              You could write a PS-script or a small program to fill the Description tags. Or create an XML transformation schema to do all that using proper XML techniques.