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    Section Access * Issues

    sundarraj ramchandran

      Hello All,


      For the Section access I use excel and then load it in to INLINE table.

      Now my problem is regarding * .

      When I use * for all values it doesn't work.

      Please provide me alternate solution.




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          Peter Cammaert

          Loading an Excel into an INLINE table is pretty much impossible. I guess you mean something else.


          Did you use the STAR IS *; statement?


          What do you mean with '...I use * for all values...'? The *-mechanism in a Section Access table is limited to 'all values in the same column in that same table. Not all values you encounter in your data model.



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            balraj ahlawat

            Try Peter's suggestion with Star statment.


            Else you need to define all the fields one by one if not Star statement

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              Ruben Marin

              As said above '*' in section access means something like "all the values previously loaded in section access for this field". To use * like it was "all values" I first load the admin security with all values, after this all the fields has all values and '*' works as expected, in example:


              Section application;


              LOAD COUNTRY, Sales From...


              Section access:


              LOAD * INLINE [

                  ACCESS, NTNAME

                  ADMIN, ADMINISTRATOR



              Join LOAD Distinct COUNTRY Resident Data;


              Concatenate (Access) // From here you can add usual security and '*' in COUNTRY will load all loaded values.