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    Current selection of Set Analysis

    Andrea Masciulli

      Goodmorning everyone

      I inserted a text field with a set formula analisys that should not be considered and should be independent of the selection applied on TipoAttività.

      the formula is:

      = sum ({1 <[TipoAttività] = {'F'}>} [Budget in ] / 1000000)

      in doing so if the dashboard select the TipoAttività = 'E' text field continues to correctly display the sum of the budget for data with TipoAttività = 'F'

      Syntax 1 <[....] it rules out all current selections, while I would need to consider the selection of another date field.

      how can I use the setanalisys to not only consider the field selections TipoAttività? how can I add in SetAnalisys operators also control the series = CurrentSelection (Series)?

      Thanks for collaboration