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    Exclude 0-values in pivot-table conditional colour, when comparing values.

      .. Yeah i really didn't know what to call this thread..


      Business Case: Compare values from user to a benchmark. Colour values red() if value is lower than benchmark - pretty simple.


      My problem is this:


      i have a pivot table with values for user A. These values are to be compared to a Benchmark group (known as User X). However, when User A only have values from 2010-2015, but user X has values from 2005-2015 i get a lot of meaningless columns with zero-values in 2005-2009 due to the conditional colour expression below:










      User = {'User X'}


      Amount), red())



      If i remove the colour expression i obviously only get data for the years i want, and as such (and since it is not a measure by itself) i really didn't think that by adding a colour expression, i would add data to the pivot table... I just need to get rid of it again..


      I tried multiple variations of if-statements and set expressions, but can't seem to get it done - Help please