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    calculation in Script from two sources



      maybe someone of you can help me.

      I loaded data from two different sources into qlikview.

      First I loaded a table 'Assets'. Afterwards I loaded the second table via left join (Assets).


      Now I needed to create a calculation.


        // ,if(lastdepnyear=0,[Comet (Monate)], if([Comet (Monate)]>((lastdepnyear-CometYear)*12+lastdepnper-CometPer+1),[Comet (Monate)]-((lastdepnyear-CometYear)*12+lastdepnper-CometPer+1),0)) as [RND Comet]


      Everything with "Comet..." was within the first load, the "lastdepn..." were part of the second load.

      This code does not work. I get the message, that the Comet...-Fields could not be found.

      I think it has something to do with "What is already in Memory and what not"


      Where in the script do I have to do this? Can you help me with the Syntax?


      Thanks in advance