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    Container in Qlikview 11.20.12904.0

    Enza Zaden

      Yesterday we upgraded Qlikview to version 11.20.12904.0.

      When we tested our dashboards afterwards, every tab that has a container with charts in it, doesn't work anymore.


      The tabs don't give any data, and qlikview freezes. All of the other tabs won't work either after clicking on one of those tabs with a container.

      Anyone that's also experiencing this, or has a solution for this problem?

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          Enza Zaden

          We started our Qlikview dashboards in full or small browser version from the accespoint

          Qlik told us to change this to Internet Explorer Plugin, and after this the tabs with container work again.


          The Qlikview Internet Explorer Plugin has to be installed on every user's PC though, and it only works for Internet Explorer.