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    Dashboard metric - Error in expression: ')' expected. Urgent



      I'm having some trouble with a dashboard metric, with this error below.

      30-10-2015 07-47-14.png


      My expression is:

      IF([Dashboard Metric]='No. of projects',if([Product approved date] <> '',Count([Product approved date]), null()),

      If([Dashboard Metric]='Avg. development time',if([Product approved date] <> '' or [Sample received (ONLY DATES)] <> '', avg([Product approved date]-[Sample received (ONLY DATES)]), null()),




      I have also a calculated dimension which are:

      =if([Dashboard Metric]='No. of projects', [Dashboard Metric],

        if([Dashboard Metric]='Avg. development time', [Dashboard Metric],



      I can't find what the problem is, and it is pretty urgent, since I have to hand this job in today.

      Can you please help me?


      Thank you so much in advance.