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    .qvw file is not getting loaded in QVscalability

      Hi All,


      I want to create a scenario in QVScalability. In order to do that, I am trying to add actions (like ListBox, TextObject etc) under Scenario tab.

      As per the document, I have to add a document URL or give a document from the local drive to get the ObjectIDs to create the script, but I tried both the way nothing happened.


      Document URL:

      I am passing a URL "http://SERVERNAME/QvAJAXZfc/AccessPoint.aspx?open=&id=QVS@SERVERNAME|mydoc.qvw&client=Plugin" in the Document URL under Properties tab, but it seems that the document is not getting loaded.

      Refer the attached image, Blank.png


      Document from local drive:

      I am getting an error "There was a problem reading the file. Please verify permissions and try again" when I give the folder location where .qvw file is kept.

      Refer the attached image, Error.png


      As a result of this I can not see any ObjectID to create an action.


      Following are my questions:

      1. The .qvw file that I have does not contain the data (this file only contain ObjectIDs and stuff, but not the values). This was communicated to me. Could that be a problem?

      2. Am I passing document URL and/or local document in the wrong place?