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    Possible Alternatives to EDX Command Line When Using External Scheduler (Control-M)

    Robert Silcock



      For the last 2-3 years my project has been using the EDX command line component to trigger document reloads configured in our QMC.  We use an external scheduler (Control-M) to trigger batch files on our QlikView servers and these bacth files in-turn trigger the EDX component and pass to it the task name of the document that we want to reload. (Nothing complicated, quite simple really.)


      The EDX executable and associated config file are saved in a central location.  Every batch file that is triggered uses this single central instance of the EDX component.


      We have just started experiencing some intermittent failures where EDX is aborting in error but the task that it triggered continues to run in the QMC through to a successful completion.


      As part of the investigation process we are asking ourselves if the EDX command line component is still the best approach to use for the version of QlikView that we are now running (v11.2 SR8)?


      Can anyone on the community recommend a better or different alternative to EDX command line, something that can still be executed from a batch file triggered by Control-M?


      We must still maintain the same overall approach of using Control-M to trigger our document reloads as Control-M is the standard for production systems in our organisation because it forms part of a wider incident management process.