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    Partial Sum Issue

    Praveena Sarabhu

      Hi All,



      As you can see in Pivot Table screenshot, the last expression((Sum(A)/Sum(B))*100) is giving me 66.666 which is calculated as (75/50)*100 accordingly to the expression when I checked the 'Show Partial Sum' option in Presentation tab of Chart properties, but I expect it to be as 125(i.e, 75+50) like it happens for Sum(A)(i.e,300+100=400) and Sum(B)(i.e.,400+200=600) expressions.


      Please help me to solve this.

      Note:I would be more happy if the solution can be provided at UI level instead of Script level.




        • Re: Partial Sum Issue
          Stefan Wühl

          Are you sure you want a sum-of-rows instead the default expression total here? 66% is calculated using sum(A) / sum(B), 400/ 600, and this seems correct to me.


          If you want sum-of-rows in pivot tables, you can use advanced aggregation:


          =Sum( Aggr( Sum(A) / Sum(B) *100, Product))