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    Editing a report with Document CALs

    Paolo Camerini

      Hello QlikCommunity!

      I'm so glad I can finally write in here. So far I've been lurking your precious questions and answers but now I feel like it's about time for me to ask something.


      I've been developing reports in Qlikview since April. I'm so proud of my work and I'm uploading my creations to the Server.


      As soon as I uploaded the first report I had to make a few fixes.

      The document has Document CALs.


      Is there a way to access and edit the document remotely without logging on the server and keep it busy while working?

      Better, is logging to the server and edit the report the only way?

      Can't I edit the document on my local PC and then overwrite the previous report without losing the CALs?


      Thank you everyone.