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    equation on the first/last month of the selection


      i am trying to create a waterfall chart in qlikview to display the movement within a period: Balance start of period - total Loss -total Gain - Balance end of period.


      I've done this in qliksense before and there was no issue (see image below). My expression to calculate the "Balance start" is: sum({<[movement waterfall]={'Start of the period'},PPeriod={$(=Min(PPeriod))}>}[Product in movement waterfall])



      However, my expression in qlikview returns nothing (no data to display). It seems that PPeriod={$(=Min(PPeriod))} creates issue:


      - I create a straight table to test, and when i use "if" in the equation, i have the correct result:

      expression: if(PPeriod=$(=Min(PPeriod)),sum({<[movement waterfall]={'Start of the period'}>}[Patients in movement waterfall]))

      result in straight table (#product start): correct number

      straight table.PNG


      - I create a bar chart

      expression : sum({<[movement waterfall]={'Start of the period'},PPeriod={$(=Min(PPeriod))}>}[Products in movement waterfall])

      Result: no data to display.



      What do i miss??


      thank you for your help.