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    Nprinting prompt screen on different session

    Amir Kachlon



      I have Nprinting server and console installed on my qlikview server,


      recently I get popup dialog "Interactive Services Detection" asking my reaction to nprinting:




      when I choose "View this message" this windows shown on different session window:



      only when i click open nprinting task starts, until than it.


      any suggestions how to prevent from it to stuck my tasks?





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          Prompt screen means your scheduled NP task is running on background.

          Nprinting Server service user must have a valid Named Cal license to run these tasks. Can you try pick document physically and run.




          Opening document physically will drop document on ram. If you choose server it wont drop.

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              Are using you NPrinting on-demand functionality?  If so this is typical.  If you view the message, a positive result if there is really nothing there.  If the service is not licensed for QlikView correctly, you will see an error when you View the message

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                Amir Kachlon

                so you suggest to change the path on the connection string from one uses the qlikviewserver adress to the local file path?

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                    Hi Amir,
                    Were you able to get anywhere with this? I am experiencing the same issue. My connection string is to a local path on the server. Both the qlikview server and nprinting client are installed on the server.


                    When i try to run a series of tasks from an xml document, the result is the following:

                    Task 1 : Reload the doc - this task runs. (pop up appears -  which i do not click because the idea is for no user interaction)

                    Task 2: Run an excel version of the report - (THIS TASK IS SKIPPPED - i believe this could be related to the pop-up window appearing)

                    Task 3: Run a PDF version of the report - This task runs correctly. Quite bizarre behaviour.


                    I then have to manually run the excel task.


                    I cannot say for certain my issue is with the "interactive session detection" window appearing but i would be inclined to think it is. Either way, this window should never pop up, the application should handle any exception like this a lot more gracefully.

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                        Amir Kachlon

                        Hi Tom,


                        I didnt have the time to try fix it yet, but from my reading I suggest you do the following:


                        1. make sure the user assigend on the nprinting server and the one on Nprinting service properties is the same one:



                        2. give this user "logon as a service" privilege.


                        please let me know if it works

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                            Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for the suggestion. I had everything setup properly and it was working, just not consistently. The issue as i outlined above was that the first task after the reload task was being skipped. I thought this might be related to the pop up window but apparently this is normal behaviour. This issue only occurs sometimes so my best guess is that it's a glitch that can occur when resources are low?? Either way, it's not great. I have to monitor the automated system to make sure it behaves as expected which it usually does....

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                                Louis Winter



                                We experienced some of the "Interactive Services Detection" pop-up messages when we recently started testing NPrinting.  They were due to the QV.exe desktop app attempting to authorize when opening the qvw via server mode on a different server (using a non domain user) (we resolved this by using a reverse proxy).


                                If it works sometimes, then the service account must have access to the qvw, and the connection string should be correct.  You can verify this (as well as the service accounts CAL) by logging in as the service account, opening the QV desktop, and opening the qvw the same way it would with your source connection.  Is the service account used for anything else that would be starting QV.exe?  I believe the service account can only have the desktop open once and if anything else has it open when the background task starts, it may produce a popup.

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                        Frank Savino

                        To all,


                        To resolve this issue permanently, you must follow and apply the key setup and configuration information in the online documentation below.


                        Troubleshooting: NPrinting Server Service and Schedules


                        This is a common issue for most new users of NPrinting,Taking the measures in the link above will result in a smoothly running NPrinting environment.


                        Further, the interactive services detection is allowing you to see how NPrinting in conjunction with the QV desktop, is behaving in the background (session zero). Thus the appearance of this interface is normal.


                        For general NPrinting Training and training material, see the following link as well.


                        NPrinting 16 Training & Installation/Upgrade Information