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    conditional display of sheet1 - sheet1 as the default when qvw file is open

    RajQlikview 11

      Hi All,

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      I have around 10 tabs in my qvw file - the very first tab is a conditional sheet that is when the user logins for that user if the values in two columns is = Y then the tab is visible other wise the tab is hidden


      The tricky part if sheet1 in my desktop when I put the below condition it is hidden - I want this first tab to shown as when we open the qvw for that I have the SAVE the qvw file when I am sheet 1 - but after adding the conditional below I cannot save it



      Only({<NTNAME={$(OSvUser)}>} TAB_SECURITY)='Y' and Only({<NTNAME={$(OSvUser)}>} DASH_SECURITY)='Y'  



      This might be confusing - I want to save the QVW file after adding the conditional sheet property but as soon as I add this the sheet is invisible so how can I save it with that sheet so when we open it is by default it is shown