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    Continuous Integration with Qlickview Scripts & Dashboards

      Has anyone setup continuous integration with QlikView scripts & Dashboards? Whats kind of process models have work for you in the past with setting up and using Git/Jenkins "Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery"? I was not able to find any best practice specific to QlikView.


      I have already setup the process of pulling QlikView scripts into the QVW using the $(Must_Include=..\Scripts\ScriptNmae.qvs and the reloading data using EXECUTE "C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe" "..\..\QlikViewWorksheet.qvw" /R Along setting XML Dashboard with the -prj folder extension.


      I really want to get setup using a GitHub / Jenkins solution but was hoping to leverage the community experience to deliver "Continuous Integration" into the QlikView Access Point (Production Ready Reports).