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    Qlik Sense variables built in desktop client do not appear to work on server version

    Mark Monfort

      Hi guys


      I have a Qlik Sense application built on my own desktop and it contains the following simple chart (see scatter plot on left)


      qlik sense working version.PNG


      the scatter plot measure is defined as follows:


      avg({<[Month Year]={'$(vMaxMonthYear)'}, Period=>} Sales)/100


      Where MaxMonthYear is a variable defined as:


      =Date(addmonths(max(Period), 0), 'MMM-YYYY');



      Anyway, this works fine on the desktop version and yet when I upload to a new server I have set up on AWS, the chart does not render... it looks like this instead:


      Qlik sense variable server not owrking.PNG




      Any ideas as to why this would be the case? I have tried to follow the instructions of other who had problems with variables by resetting the browser cache and restarting the server. These did not fix my problem.