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    YTD Count of Records

    Padmanabhan Ashok

      Hi All,


      I was trying to get data count based on the following flags (N+R-C) for which I achieved already using the following expression formula for which I created a variable vPremType




      = Num( (Count({<T_PREM_TYPE={'N','R'}>}T_PREM_TYPE)-Count({<T_PREM_TYPE={'C'}>}T_PREM_TYPE))/vNumber,'#,##0')


      Now I need to get the count based on the YTD of the same period previous year. But I am not getting no data in display as the formula is wrong somewhere which I could not figure. This is how I am caculating the YTD


      sum(if(T_APPR_DT <= AddYears(max(total T_APPR_DT), T_YEAR - Year(max(total T_APPR_DT))), $(vPremType))))