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    .qvw file is not getting loaded in QVscalability

      Hi All,


      I want to create a scenario in QVScalability. In order to do that, I am trying to add actions (like ListBox, TextObject etc) under Scenario tab.

      As per the document, I have to add a document URL or give a document from the local drive to get the ObjectIDs to create the script, but I tried both the way nothing happened.


      Document URL:

      I am passing a URL "http://SERVERNAME/QvAJAXZfc/AccessPoint.aspx?open=&id=QVS@SERVERNAME|mydoc.qvw&client=Plugin" in the Document URL under Properties tab, but it seems that the document is not getting loaded.

      Refer the attached image, Blank.png


      Document from local drive:

      I am getting an error "There was a problem reading the file. Please verify permissions and try again" when I give the folder location where .qvw file is kept.

      Refer the attached image, Error.png


      As a result of this I can not see any ObjectID to create an action.


      Following are my questions:

      1. The .qvw file that I have does not contain the data (this file only contain ObjectIDs and stuff, but not the values). This was communicated to me. Could that be a problem?

      2. Am I passing document URL and/or local document in the wrong place?


      PS: I had posted this question on general community, but seems that was not the right place.




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          Daniel Larsson



          You need to load the project files (i.e. document layout), not the document itself. How to get the document layout is described in the documentation in the Define scearion->Settings section, bullet number 2. The project files is a folder containing a set of XML files defining the layout of your document.


          Hope this helps

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              Thank you, Daniel.


              I am going to try this approach, this must help me in getting the proper project files from the developer.


              But after your comment, a new question popped up in my head. Do we have to give both the "Document URL" (in properties tab) AND the "project files folder" (in scenario tab) or providing any one of them will work?


              Also, how we will verify that the Document URL in the properties tab is being properly utilized by the tool.

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                  Sebastian Fredenberg



                  The document layout and document URL are used for two different things. The layout is used to read in the objects in the qvw - to assist building the script. The document url is the path to the document on the server - needed to run the script.


                  If the URL is incorrect or not there, the script will not run properly. You should see that by having lots of errors in the output when running the scenario.