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    Pivot Table

    Liam O'Regan



      I'm having a issue with a pivot table. I'm using a dimension called BSLevel to assign different numbers (1, 2, 3) in order to organise the balance sheet I'm creating in terms of Totals (1's) Normal Row's (2's) and Headings (3's). I have assigned the BSLevel numbers to the correct row's as seen in image 1. The problem is that when I make any current selection the BSLevel 3 numbers disappear as seen by image 2. Because of this I can't use the BSLevel 3 to bold the headings in my balance sheet as when they disappear e.g. when year is selected, text format in the pivot table does not pick my expression "=if(BSLevel = '3', '<B>')".


      • The BSLevel 3 row's do not contain any information
      • In the dimension tab, suppress when value is null is unticked and show all values is ticked
      • In the presentation tab, suppress zero-values is unticked and suppress missing is ticked

      Any help with why BSLevel 3 is not showing up when there is a current selection would be greatly appreciated.

      Image 1: Balance Sheet with no selection with the BS level 3's showing up and the corresponding headings being bold as intended.

      BS no selection.PNG

      Image 2: When there is a current selection, no BSLevel 3's show up and the corresponding headings are not in bold.

      BS selection.PNG