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    Peek function

    Alvaro Alcobia

      Hi, I have that problema:


      If i use peek with number position, they Works good, if i use a loop variable not work.




      LET vCard=Peek('ID_Caderneta',0);
      LET vIni=Peek('Ini',0);
      LET vFim=Peek('Fim',0);


      LET vCard=Peek('ID_Caderneta',1);
      LET vIni=Peek('Ini',1);
      LET vFim=Peek('Fim',1);


      LET vCard=Peek('ID_Caderneta',3);
      LET vIni=Peek('Ini',3);
      LET vFim=Peek('Fim',3);


      They woks, if i use:



      LET NumRows=NoOfRows('CADERNETA');

      FOR i=0 to $(NumRows)
      LET vCard=Peek('ID_Caderneta',$(i));
      LET vIni=Peek('Ini',$(i));

         LET vFim=Peek('Fim',$(i));


      Not work