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    running window batch script in qlik sense

      Dear All,

      Hope you are doing well.


      Here is my requirement: Delete QVD's file(s) if it is greater than 3 weeks from the current date.


      To achieve this,

      I have written windows batch script to delete the QVD's. In the App, written below code in the load script:

      LET vExeLine = 'D:\Housekeeping scripts\housekeeping\housekeeping.bat' ;

      execute cmd /c $(vExeLine);

      Script executes successfully but my batch script did not run.

      FYI: I have made an entry 'OverrideScriptSecurity=1' in the setting.ini file

      Please suggest me to resolve this?

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          Alexandre PIGEARD



          Maybe you cas use the windows task!

          =>script executes ok


          And after with publisher you can reload data few minutes after

          =>read data from your execution



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              Hi Alex,


              Many thanks for your reply.

              I'm bit unclear. Do you want me to run from window task scheduler?

              Reason we are not using window task scheduler because, we want to put all the tasks in QMC task.


              In a lots of forums, we have seen people code the 'Execute' command in the Editor, but when trying to run this, it gives an error. I had it running this morning, but unable to execute again, not sure what steps are required in order to achieve this.


              Is the 'Execute' only available as part of QlikView Editor or this can be done via QlikSense, for your information we only uses QlikSense.


              Any help is much appreciated.


              Thanks in advance