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    Totals Time

      Hello All,


      I am having an issue in calculating the total time:TT.PNG


      The sum calculated by qlikview is wrong. Any idea how I can solve this issue.


      Many Thanks,



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          Prashant Sangle



          What is your expression??

          and What is your expected output??


          Are you looking for avg() or sum()


          if you are using straight table then go to Expression tab -> select expression ->Total Mode



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            Jonathan Dienst

            If your expression includes a ratio, or some other formula that is handled differently in the total, such as distinct or fabs(), then the expression total will not be the same as sum of rows. For example, in a ratio, sum of ratios (sum of rows total) is not equal to the ratio of the sums (expression total).


            If this a straight table, then select the sum of rows option on the Properties | PresentationExpression tab.


            If this is a pivot, you will need an expression of the form:

                =Sum(Aggr(<your expression>, <table dim1>, <table dim2>, ...))


            If you upload your qvw, or  sample, then you will get more specific help.

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              balraj ahlawat

              Use interval function.


              When you use Time function it does not allow you to go beyond 24 hr as total sum.


              Try interval

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                jagan mohan rao appala



                Please find attached file for solution.


                Sample Data:




                TimeStamp(Timestamp#(Hour, 'hh:mm:ss'), 'hh:mm:ss') AS Time_Formatted

                INLINE [








                Expression in Straight table:

                =If(RowNo() = 0,  Interval(Num(Sum(Time_Formatted)), 'hh:mm:ss'), Sum(Time_Formatted))