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    Developer Course

      Good day,

      I am new to QlikView, only been working on it for about a year now. I completed the Designer Course last year and would like to know how soon after can I do the Developer course. I have no previous background in IT or SQL and the prerequisite is SQL background. How vital is this...should I do a basic SQL course first and which one do you suggest?

      Thanks so much!

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          Onno van Knotsenburg



          Without a technical background, you can do the QlikView Developer training with a few weeks of hand-on experience on the Designer side. So your year of experience should be more then enough .


          Sure, it will help if you understand the basics of SQL, but I personally would not call it required.


          I get people without a technical background in my classes (I am a Technical Trainer @ Qlik) all the time. Sure; it becomes a bit difficult for them near the end of day 2, but it sure is doable.

          I usually joke about "being able to read and write English and do basic math" is enough; I will take care of the rest.


          What I do suggest is to schedule half a day in your agenda within two weeks of the Developer training to practice with what you have learned, else (like with every training) the knowledge will start to disappear soon.

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              Appreciate the response Onno!

              I “shadowed” our QlikView Consultant in the development sessions of our current QlikView model as well as worked through the “QlikView 11 for Developers” book although it became very complicated towards the end but from you sharing sounds like I have enough to go for it. I am just concerned about getting “lost” in the course.

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                  Onno van Knotsenburg

                  Sounds to me that you are way more prepared than most of the students I have in a Developer training.

                  This training probably would have been more fitting for you a few months ago.

                  Then again... I often have people in my training that have been scripting for a few months, helped by a consultant or by looking at the script they got delivered, but still like to understand or get a better foundation of what they are doing.


                  If you feel confident about understanding the basics and have been busy scripting yourself for some time already, you could also consider following the "Advanced Topics" training (targeted at an audience with 3-12 months of developer experience).