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    Qlikviewlike lmage representation with NPrinting possible?

      I want to create a report with a table that is based on a qlikview table. The qlikview table contains a column which represents a field as an Image. The Images are stored within the qlikview file by using the "bundle info" function. Is it possible to use the image representations within NPrinting?

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          I am not familiar with 'bundle info' but I do believe if you bring the object into nprinting as an image, it should work but not sure.  Do you have a qvw with an object built this way that you can psot?

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              Thank you for your answer Adam. If it would be a single Image I would insert it as an Image as you said. But my Problem is, that I want to display a whole table with columns which contain references to Images ,which should be displayed. I'm sorry I can't post the qvw-File, it's a customers file. 

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                  would it be possible for you to scramble the data and post a screen shot of what the table with the iamge looks like?


                  the way images work in nprinting is it has a direct connection to the applciation and when the iamge is referenced at the time the report is generated, filters are applied and then it takes a 'screenshot' of the object at that time.


                  I could not tell from your initial inforamtion, but ahve you tried to bring the table into NPrinting as an image?

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                    Daniel Jenkins

                    Hi Alexander,


                    If you are using inbuilt images in the chart then you will need to use the chart as an image as Adam mentioned.


                    If you instead use BUNDLE LOAD to load the images into your QVW and then use them in your chart using qmem://Image/<ImageName> you should be able to show them in an Excel report (for example) using Levels in your NPrinting report template. The image is imported from a Text object represented as an image in the QlikView document. Of course the image files should be available to the QVW for the Text object to display.


                    I have attached a sample project that demonstrates this method and might give you inspiration. It only uses two images so I use an IF statement in the Text object. If you have many possible images and your image file names are the same as the field values - say you have a field Country and an image of each country flag with the country name as file name and .png as extension - you could use something like  =GetFieldSelections(Country) & '.png' instead.

                    Extract to folder C:\Temp\Community\013 to preserve the paths used or change them in the NSQ.


                    HTH - Daniel.