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    Best settings QS server for slow client (GPRS)

    Alexander Korsikov

      I did some research using the developer console in chrome.

      The result - at a rate of Regular 2G (250 kb/s 300ms   ) and disabled the cache page does not load.

      I do not have time to load client.js  and  have error

      Uncaught Error: Load timeout for modules: assets/hub/hub


      also noted that this error occurs when the total page load timing  exceeds 100000 ms, although in the proxy settings specify the parameters keep-alive timeout (sec) 300.

      the file Client.js size is different for different versions of the server. In Version 2.0.4 is 3.0 mb. in Version 2.1.1  - 4.1 Mb

      where I dig further to find an answer? how to provide customers with access to such a small connection speed?