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    How to filter table data based on values of backend fields

    Frédéric FLECHE



      I did load the following table on QlikSense. It contains information about people (People, Gender, Country, Place and Age). Done easily

      question 1.JPG

      Then I did create a new QlikSense Sheet with a table that only display the fields People, Country and Age. Done easily.





      Now I would like to only display People based on some filtering on the hidden fields that are not displayed on my table (gender and Place).

      Indeed I would like to only display people where gender is f and Place is House.

      So I would like to know if it is possible ? If yes what is the formula that I have to use and where to write it ? I guess that I have to write it in the add-ons (complements in french) section.



      Thanks in advance for your help.