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    Multiple criteria in set analysis



      I want to use set analysis to show a KPI.

      The KPI is calculated by deviding "A" and "B" Where "A" = a count of all ProcessSteps of a certain type and B is al Subjects where IsProcess = 1.


      The dimension is 'weeks' so for each week you have a KPI in a chart so you can see the trend. 


      I'm doing this with the following set analysis wich works fine as far as i can see:


      count({$<Item_Type={"TypeA","TypeB","TypeD"}>}Step_ProcessStepID) / Count({$<Subject_IsProcess={1}>}Subject_IsProcess)


      But now I want to show the KPI for the current week in a KPI indicator. I'm having trouble making the above set analysis only for the current week. I only have the date for each item in the source data.


      Can anyone help me out with this?


      Sorry for my crapy English...


      Regards Twan

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Assuming the current week is also the maximum week in your data:

          count({$<Weeks={$(=max(Weeks))},Item_Type={"TypeA","TypeB","TypeD"}>}Step_ProcessStepID) / Count({$<Weeks={$(=max(Weeks))},Subject_IsProcess={1}>}Subject_IsProcess)

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              This one doesn't work, but maybe I convert it the wrong way...


              This is my original set analysis to calculate the KPI:

              count({$<Step_Type={"Beslissing","Taak","Email uit"}>}Step_ProcessStepID)/Count({$<Subject_IsProcess={1}>}Subject_IsProcess)

              This is my original set analysis to convert into week for the cart:



              Sow I only have the date (Datum) and i convert that into the week.


              I tried your suggestion and came up with this:


              count({$<Week(Datum)={$(=max(Week(Datum)))},Step_Type={"Beslissing","Taak","Email uit">}Step_ProcessStepID)/Count({$<Week(Datum)={$(=max(Week(Datum)))},Subject_IsProcess={1}>}Subject_IsProcess)


              That doesn't work

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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  Yes, you can only use fields, not calculated dimensions. But this should work:


                  count({$<Datum={">=$(=WeekStart(Max(Datum)))<=$(=WeekEnd(Max(Datum)))"},Step_Type={"Beslissing","Taak","Email uit">}Step_ProcessStepID)/Count({$<Datum={">=$(=WeekStart(Max(Datum)))<=$(=WeekEnd(Max(Datum)))"},Subject_IsProcess={1}>}Subject_IsProcess)