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    Data Load Issue When Connecting With SAP


      • System Landscape:
      • SAP Version: ECC 6.0
        • SAB Basis: 7.0
        • SAP Connector Version: 5.80.2211
        • QlikView Server Version: 11.20.12904.0



      • SAP TCODE has been created with following names
      • ZSD009
      • ZSD009part
        • ZSDRETBLG
        • Each of this TCODES has multiple variants and multiple layout
        • Data has been called by using SAP report connector where we entered program name “’ZSD_BILLING_REGISTER_N” (common for all 3 TCODES) and called respective Variants



      • Data download successful with incomplete results



      • There are 104 fields in ZSD009 for program name ZSD_BILLING_REGISTER_N of which we are able to retrieve only 97 fields


      Diagnosis Performed:

      • To trouble shoot we created a new variant for the same program name including only the missing fields and couple of fields for which data was being populated, however even under this circumstance the missing fields still did not populate
      • We thought this could be an SAP rights related issue and requested for Super Admin, tested the program with complete rights and we still did not get any better, issue remained the same


      • One of the reason we think can be a possibility is that ’ZSD_BILLING_REGISTER_N’ program has 3 TCODES, however as a best practice SAP advices one TCODE per PROGRAM.


      • If we call Program name ’ZSD_BILLING_REGISTER_N’ through SE38 within SAP the missing fields are not being displayed.


      • Can there be a documental evidence to prove that this could be a result for the fields not coming through.