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    Authentication problem

      We use Active Directory and Integrated Windows authentication to login to Qlikview through an accesspoint.

      We have two domains x and y located in the same forest. QLikview and the IIS (accesspoint) is localised in the x domain.

      I work in the Y domain and logs in to it. When I go to the accesspoint it requires me to login in to x. I do this with a separate username ex. it be x\qvuser

      For most computers in y you have to do this every day when you go to the accesspoint. For some users in "y" they don't have to login at all more than the first time after running the plugin though. This is my big issue. I have emptied all cache in Internet explorer 7.0 and I have resetted it completely but it still lets the user in without authentication.

      So here comes the questions:

      Why doesn't Windows authentication ask for username and password even though I log in on a different domain? (It does ask for most of the users though)

      Is password and username for Windows authentication stored in the Qlikview plugin somehow?

      Thank you so much for your help cause this is really annoying.