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    Scheduled Task: Repository Snapshot Manager

    Chris Cammers

      I'm using Sense 2.1 and I would like to schedule a task to create a backup of my sense environment on a regular basis.


      I ran it manually from the command line as specified in the help documentation https://help.qlik.com/sense/2.1/en-US/online/#../Subsystems/PlanningQlikSenseDeployments/Content/Server/Server-Backup-Re…


      The problem I have is when I run it manually it asks me to confirm the operation. Is there a parameter I can supply that will stop the prompt? When I ran it with a windows scheduled task it just went into a running disposition and did not do anything I presume it is waiting for an answer to the prompt.




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          Vladimir Komarov



          Did you try the [-f] option (see below)?


          1.1 Tool Arguments and Usage

          The synopsis for using the Repository Snapshot Manager tool is:
















          (operation) -backup or -restore =The operation you wish to perform.

          p =The path to the base backup folder.

          installer_location =Directory path on the server in which the Qlik Sense installer resides.

          QlikSenseVersion =Qlik Sense product version (for example 2.0.1).

          direct =Denotes whether an existing installation exists or not.

          PathToSupportingContent =Directory path on the server in which additional artifacts used by the system reside.

          c =The certificate password (if required/desired).

          d =The database password (if required/desired).

          usernameWithDomain =The user on the host with administrative privileges with the domain, for example “COMPANY_DOMAIN\USER”.

          p =The password for the user associated with the domain.

          f =The option to run the backup silent, for use with scheduled tasks.