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    John Andersson

      Hi, how do i to view my documents with Ajax?

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          Rakesh Mehta

          Open your QVW document and go to menu "Tools -> Objects Client Page Generator". Here you can generate AJAX pages of your QVW document. You would, then, need to host these pages on a web server and have connectivity with your QlikView server. Hope this helps.

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              Richard Benoit

              Our company wants to publish QlikView reports on secure way by placing Ajax pages on a server in de DMZ.

              Is there a manual to host Ajax pages on a separate server than the QlikView? Or is there any other way to do this?

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                  You can only host ajax qlikview with qlikview server.


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                    Chris Brain

                    Hi Richard,

                    Actually you can run IIS and QVS on separate machines.

                    If you are looking at autogenerated ZFC pages then you need to look into the QvsViewClient.asp file (usually installed somewhere like C:\Program Files\QlikView\Server\QvClients\QvAjaxZfc) you will see a line near the top with a variable named host which by default points to localhost but can be changed...

                    If you are using the QlikWebWorkBench (which is a set of ASP.NET and JavaScript controls for building more customised) then it is a simple matter of editing a value in the web.config file for the asp.net application.