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    Handling denied acces to a document in a userfriendly way...

    Sander Polman


      We are running a server from which we let our Novell network users access our QlikView documents. At this point we are trying to get our authorization up and running. We've made an MS Access database which contains users, applications and profiles. This information is read into the Section Access and Section Application part of the hidden script of the application. All works well, users can only access the documents that are listed in their applicationlist and the data filtering is done based on their profiles. No problem at all!

      But... When a user doesn't have access to a document he will get an error when trying to open the document from QlikView Server. The way this works isn't very userfriendly.

      It goes like this:

      • User clicks on the document
      • Then a pop-up is asking for a user-id
      • Then a pop-up is asking for a password
      • This sequence appears to run 3 times..
      • Then a pop-up 'QlikView failed to open document' appears
      • Clicking OK gives the loading browserscreen again - Clicking Back gives the pop-up 'connecting to abc.qvw'

      Is it possible to handle this in a user friendly way? Just 1 pop-up which says 'No access to document' and then back to the document list?

      Hope you guys can't help.. Regards, Sander