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      Can anybody please tell me how to access the "checkbox" type in qlikview extensions?


      here's my definition.xml


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

      <ExtensionObject Label="MyExtension" Description="" PageHeight="50000">

        <Dimension Label="Dimensions" Initial="" Multiple=""/>

        <Measurement Label="Measurements (Min 1, Max 2)" Multiple=""/>

        <Text Label="CSS Prefix" Type="text" initial="" />

        <Text Label="CSS Style" Type="text" Initial="" />

        <Text Label="Number Format" Type="text" initial="" />

        <Text Label="Expand Negative" Type="checkbox" initial="1" />

        <Initiate Name="Chart.Title" value="MyExtension Chart" />

        <Initiate Name="Caption.Text" Value="MyExtension Chart" />



      in the above definition I could see and have access to every Dimension, Measurement, and "Text" type of the Text field just fine.

      But I was not able to locate the "checkbox" type in the "this.Layout" object.  am I looking at the correct location?


      Thank you,