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    Unique values for custom properties required for User assignments

    Vladimir Komarov

      Hi all,


      I've noticed an interesting system behavior in relationship with Custom Properties assignments.


      I've created two different properties (User-type) to control access to specific streams:

      1. ABCStream

      2. KLMStream


      I've created them with simple 'true/false" values and have assigned them to few users.

      Security rules for access to corresponding streams were set as

      1. [user = @ABCStream] and [value = true]

      2. [user = @KLMStream] and [value = true].


      Everything was working fine until I've decided to assign one user to both streams.

      In this case system rejected my attempt to assign both custom properties as 'true' for an individual user.

      I've changed the second property values to 'true_KLM' and 'false_KLM', which allowed me to assign this user to both streams...

      The new security rules are set as:

      1. [user = @ABCStream] and [value = true]

      2. [user = @KLMStream] and [value = true_KLM].


      Any ideas why the system is designed this way?

      I understand it gives you more flexibility (maybe), but what if you need to handle hundreds of custom properties?

      Pretty strange approach, IMHO.

      Would appreciate any comments on the subject.

      Best regards,