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    CopyApp Method Error code 9003

      Hi guys,

      I am trying to use CopyApp in protocol tester but I am getting error.

      I tried to search on net on couldn't find any answer.


      1. I created a new app using createApp method and used its id in the targetappid of copyApp method.

      "ZcMuP" is id of one sheet of the source app.




      "handle": -1,

      "method": "CopyApp",

      "params": {

      "qTargetAppId": "f3e7642f-272e-467d-92a6-f9d05c23ceae",

      "qSrcAppId": "a3663e9d-3704-4fdf-8050-f9e638fbbb02",

      "qIds": [




      "id": 2,

      "jsonrpc": "2.0"






      "jsonrpc": "2.0",

      "id": 2,

      "error": {

      "code": 9003,

      "parameter": "Engine ID not found",

      "message": "Resource not found"


      "isHandled": true



      can you please help here?




        • Re: CopyApp Method Error code 9003
          Stan Berezovsky

          Hello, we are running into similar issue. Protocol tester has access to all objects. Did anyone find solution to this?


          Thank you, -Stan

          • Re: CopyApp Method Error code 9003
            Justin Morley

            Bump, same issue - no more hints from the log files. Exactly the same scenario.

            I've not managed to successfully call copyApp under any circumstances.

            I actually want a complete duplicate of the source app, so it's annoying that I have to provide a list of objects. Is there any way to duplicate the app from the Engine API?

              • Re: CopyApp Method Error code 9003
                Justin Morley

                Ah I have it:

                What is not clear in the documentation is that the target application id i.e.:

                "qTargetAppId": "f3e7642f-272e-467d-92a6-f9d05c23ceae",


                is not a newly generated GUID (via GetUniqueID), but a GUID for a newly generated app.

                You need to generate an empty app first.

                In retrospect, I can't blame the docs because it's in there already!



                Identifier (GUID) of the app entity in the Qlik Sense repository.

                The app entity must have been previously created by the repository (via the REST API).

                This parameter is mandatory.