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    403.3 error prevent me to open the qvw file trough accesspoint

    Jax Tang

      hi All


      I had a proxy 403.3 error when I tried to open the qvw file through accesspoint.


      the error is : Proxy_UploadNotAllowed


      My company is very restrict to data upload actions.  I need to know what is the message below and why qlikview need to upload those information back to the qlikview server.


      Can any one help explain the upload message to me. it is really difficult for me to read.


      <update mark="40E4A8E913B8B303" stamp="40E4A8EF96C16C17" cookie="true" scope="Document" view="oi/oi/Congo DRC Tigo/Congo(K) Tigo NOC v1.0.qvw" ident="null"><poll name="167" clearcache="true" /><poll name="166" clearcache="true" /><poll name="165" clearcache="true" /><poll name="164" clearcache="true" /><poll name="163" clearcache="true" /><poll name="162" clearcache="true" /><poll name="161" clearcache="true" /><poll name="160" clearcache="true" /><poll name="159" clearcache="true" /><poll name="158" clearcache="true" /><poll name="157" clearcache="true" /><poll name="156" clearcache="true" /><poll name="155" clearcache="true" /><poll name="154" clearcache="true" /><poll name="153" clearcache="true" /><poll name="152" clearcache="true" /><poll name="151" clearcache="true" /><poll name="150" clearcache="true" /><poll name="149" clearcache="true" /><poll name="148" clearcache="true" /><poll name="147" clearcache="true" /><poll name="146" clearcache="true" /><poll name="145" 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      the attached is the error message from the browser.