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    Showing Excluded options in a Listbox with aggr(if..) expression

    William Choo



      I'm using the following expression in a listbox to denote countries that can be selected based on a given criteria e.g. if the sales of a country is > $100K , as set by the variable vCountryLimit.


      =aggr(if( sum($(vCountryMetrics))>vCountryLimit, Country), Country)


      This works well in a sense that it only shows up countries that meet the criteria and hides everything else.


      However, it will also hide the Excluded options, which defeats the effectiveness of associative query using the power of Gray.

      I know this can be done via ETL at the script level but I need to have different list boxes based on different criteria e.g. if a country > 100K in X region for one list box and >500K in Y region etc. So limiting this at the ETL layer is not an effective solution for me.


      What can I do to limit the country list without using ETL, and yet still achieve the Gray excluded options in the display?


      Thanks in advance!