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    In Pivot table, How to fabs firstly then sum

      Hi, Guys


      I met a big problem on ABS function

      I need to get the final result is sum all the item absloute deviation

      for example



      The correct anwser is |10-12|+|10-8|+|10-10| = 4

      not |10+10+10 - 12-8-10| = 0


      From my previous experience, I create a temp table to store each absloute deviation, the put them in the pivot table


      However, the new case is the Demand is composed of three kinds of Demand

      Take first row 12 as example, 12 comes from  8(current)+4 (future) + 0 (old)

      The user want to add a filter to customize the real Demand (8+4 or 8 lonely)

      Then how do I create the  temp table to calculate each independent absloute deviation to suit for the filter?