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    Loop and Lock and Reduce Task

      I have a need to have publisher loop through 2 field values to find a group of students. Once that group of students is found, I need it to select those values, then drop the other two values.

      For example, I want to find all my Title I kids in My school at any time and see their progression into the next grades.

      If I select all Title I kids and my school, the reduction task will only show me my title I kids. Those kids were not always at my school, nor did they have a title I status. I want to see how they progressed after they left the Title I program to determine the efficiency of my program.

      Any help is appreciated.

      Larry [:|]

        • Loop and Lock and Reduce Task


          I hope I understand this correctly. Here's my idea based on the description.

          Add two tables that both link to a student ID field on the student dimension table, not the fact table. One is whether the student ever had Title I status. The other is all the schools that a student ever attended.

          Now when you choose your school and a Title I status of TRUE, you will see all students that ever had title I status that ever went to your school.

          There are a couple modifications I can imagine depending on the specific question to be answered.