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    add Space into inline table

    Felix Kühn

      Hi Folks,


      I have some trouble with an inline table command.


      I would like to add a Table with r,g,b color codes for our different branch.


      So i created following command:




          rgb(r,g,b) as LagerFarbe;

      LOAD *

      Lager, r, g, b

      München             , 109, 110, 33

      Hamburg             , 111, 120, 22 



      store LagerFarbe into LagerFarbe.qvd(qvd);



      The problem is actually, that i get a table without the spaces above and so i can t associate the table to the other data I have. I need 20 characters per each branch. E. g. for "München" I would need 13 spaces in addition.


      Is there any command that i can add space to the dataset like fill or string or everything like this?


      Thx for your help in advance.