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    if statement for colour expression

    Joanna Seldon



      in qlik sense, I am using a Pivot table.


      I am trying to write a if statement for different conditions to, change either the background colour or


      I need to able able to define two conditions or 3 conditions are matched





      IF(Library =  '1' and  Cafe = '0',  rgb(153,102,0),


      issue I have is using the same line but in different context


      IF(Library =  '1' and  QSRoom = '0',  rgb(153,102,0),.... I want this to go the same colour but it does not change



      also having issues when defining 3 conditions


      IF(Library =  '1' and  Cafe = '0' and QSRoom = '0',  rgb(153,102,0),


      please help